Wim Meuwis & Tim Augustynen

Epic productions is a production company. We support bands in finding their own specific sound.

For recording and mixing we strongly prefer working on an analog desk: SSL 4000 G+, Tube Tech MP1A, SPL vitalizer, Radial Phazerbank..
With some digital help from: Crane Song HEDD, Waves Horizon Bundle..

Feel free to contact us for any questions whatsoever!
You can contact us through info@epicproductions.eu

As a production company we support bands in finding a sound of their own. Through good communication we find out what every member of the band/management/fans/radio expects. We listen carefully to the bands own sound and style and decide what final sound would suit the band best for the purpose set.

With this information we will find a way to create this sound starting from guitar amps, drums over recording and micing techniques, over mixing and mastering.

Through our experience as studio and live engineers we noticed that a lot of artists realize the importance of "an own sound" but do not always know how to achieve this, especially as a band.

This is where Epic productions can help!

Epic productions is an independent production company. This means we are not connected to any commercial studio or whatever. This means we can work almost everywhere.

For example: We can do preproduction in a small cheap studio or in the rehearsal room. Start the recording of the drums in a good quality room with analog desk. Do extra's and overdubs at home. And then return to the studio to mix everything on the big analog desk.

This way we can cut costs and adapt every project to every client's need!

So, what can you expect from Epic productions? We deliver extreme high quality productions at prizes that fit everybody's budget. But most important, remember the words: OWN SOUND, HIGH QUALITY!

+32 472 25 39 97